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Catch – Missing water

Mistake: Force is applied while the blade is not yet in the water. In other words, the leg drive starts before the blade is placed in the water. Possible in combination with Catching with the trunk. Also see: Catch.
Observe: Hands: look at the hands to determine that they go up during leg movement.
Legs: which begin to unfold before the blade is in the water: legs and handle(s) move at the same time.
Cause: Wrong mental image of the (ideal) stroke. Not being prepared before the catch (blade is too far above the water) that makes it impossible to place the blade before the draw starts (also see Late squaringSculling skying and Sweep rowing skying). 
Loss of efficiency because the full draw length is not used and the first part of the draw is skipped. Beware: if the rower is the only one in the team who catches directly, this easily leads to back injuries. After all, he is the only one who has quick pressure on the blade.
rowing bin:
Start with Chopping catch and Rowing with 3 catches. Use movement guidance and the 5-step learning process (Intervene). The coach/instructor sits in front of the rower and taps the handles in the water with his hands before the rower applies force.
Use the Reverse and normal stroke en Drifting to create awareness for the mistake. Chopping catch followed by rowing with light pressure catch (Rowing with emphasising) may offer a solution.
Tactile by focusing on the handle(s). Visually by looking at the blade or handle(s).

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Missing water during the catch (red) compared with a (blue) proper catch (

Catch – Catching with the arms (grabbing)
Catch – Indirect catch

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