rowing mistakes

Recovery – Late squaring

Mistake: The blades are squared when the catch actually should take place. As a result, the catch is always too late. Also see: Recovery.
Observe: Blades: look at the moment the blades are squared.
Cause: Often the Sliding stroke. Catch and squaring are not seen as two separate events by the rower.
The catch is too late, so the catch takes more time than necessary. This shortens the draw and makes it a lot less effective. With crew rowing, the rower lags behind the teammates from the catch on. This produces rhythm disturbances that are often compensated for by sliding to fast to get back in sync.
The moment of squaring can be handled differentially (Differential approach), use the exercise Squaring twice.
Visually by looking at the blade.
A rower's blade turns too late (later than other rowers).

Recovery – Insufficient oarlock pressure
Recovery – Uncontrolled sliding

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