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Catch - Catching with the trunk

Mistake: The rower puts the blade(s) in the water by rotating the trunk and and let the arms go upwards with his trunk. He unfolds the trunk too early. Possible in combination with Over reaching. Also see: Catch. Four errors around the catch involve the trunk:
1.  Recovery: Dive into the boat – The trunk is rotated just before the catch and the handle(s) go deep into the boat.
2.  Recovery: Over reaching – The trunk is rotated just before the catch and the handle(s) go in a straight horizontal line.
3.  Catch: Catching with the trunk – The trunk is used to make the catch.
4.  Draw: Use the trunk too early – The trunk is not used for the catch, after the catch the trunk is rotated too early.
Observe: Trunk: look at the trunk and see it unfold at catch. When it's hard to see, it can help to make a video of the crew and watch the trunk angle at the catch.
Arms: see that the arms do not move at the shoulders and go upwards at the catch.
Cause: Wrong mental image of the (ideal) stroke or an underdeveloped leg drive. This mistake is often part of the Sliding stroke.
The trunk movement has already been largely used for the catch when the draw has yet to start. The slanted catch means that the first part of the draw is skipped. Risk of back injuries.
rowing bin:
Let the rower focus on the bottom of the trunk and fixing the trunk just before the catch. In the rowing bin, the handle(s) can be pushed upwards by the coach/instructor at the catch (movement guidance). Also see Pimenov drawRowing with 3 catches and Chopping catch.
Pimenov draw and Chopping catch are the most important exercises to tackle this. The exercise Reverse and normal stroke could be beneficial.
Tactile by focusing on the underside of the trunk, no movement should be felt here. Focusing on the shoulders from which the catch should take place.

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Catching with the trunk (red) compared to a (blue) proper catch (

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Catching with the trunk

Recovery – Pausing before the catch
Catch – Catching with the arms (grabbing)

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