Catch – Reverse and normal stroke

Practice: Let the rower(s) make a full reverse draw until the catch position is reached, directly followed by a normal draw. At the catch, the blades do not come out of the water.
Type: Classic exercise.
Purpose: Several mistakes around the catch.
Focus: Pay attention to the height of the handle(s) and feel how at the catch point the pressure of the blade(s) is/are transmitted directly to the legs.
Variation: Reverse draw and draw several times in a row, without taking the blades out of the water. Make sure the blades are just submerged in water. At the finish touch the trunk with your thumbs to feel finish height as well.
Then make an number of reverse and normal strokes in succession, take the blades at catch and finish briefly out and immediately put them back into the water.

Recovery – Trunk throwing
Catch – Chopping catch

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