Crew – Drifting stroke

Practice: The rowers row and the boat has speed. Then one rower put the blade in the water at the catch and waits until the blade has drifted to the finish. No pressure whatsoever is put into the oar. The body follows the drifting blade, keeping the movement order: legs – trunk – arms.
Type: Classic exercise.
Purpose: Mistakes in taking over the leg movement with the trunk, or washing out of the blade. Address mistakes that are caused because the rower wants to give too much force and therefore rows cramped.
Focus: Look at the blade to see how deep the blade is in the water. On arrival of the handle(s) to the trunk, prick the chest with the thumbs to feel the correct height.
Variation: Have the whole crew do this drill, say every second or third stroke. Alternate drifting strokes with normal strokes, because the boat needs speed to be able to perform this exercise. Make sure the handle(s) traverse exactly the same trajectory/moving fluidly in both cases.

Crew – Adding rowers
Crew – Eyes closed rowing

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