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Catch – Catching with the arms (grabbing)

Mistake: Rower puts the blade in the water by bending the arms at the elbows. Whether or not followed by a draw with the arms bend. Also see: Catch.
Observe: Arms: see if the arms bend at the catch.
Cause: Catching from the shoulders and locking with the legs, is a complicated movement that few can make on their own.
Cramp in the arms because they are bend during the draw or loss of pressure because they are straightened again at some point.
Remedy: Let rowing focus on stretched arms. Catch must be made from the shoulders. Good exercises for this are Pimenov drawRowing with 3 catches and Chopping catch.
Visually by looking at the arms. Tactile by focusing on the shoulder movement of the catch.

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Grabbing (red) compared to a (blue) proper catch (

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Catching with the arms (grabbing)

Catch – Catching with the trunk
Catch – Missing water

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