Rowing training


Any fitness activity can pose some potential risks to health. To reduce and avoid injury, a doctor should be consulted before beginning any exercise program. Be sure that the area within which you will exercise is appropriate for physical exertion. When you utilize a workout mentioned below, you are performing exercises at your own risk. (Stichting Roeicoach) will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of the information that is presented in this app/website. If you experience any nausea, shortness of breath, feeling of lightheadedness, irregular heartbeat or other health concerns, cease exercise immediately and seek assistance from a doctor.

Erg (rowing machine) workouts

Information about (the use of) a rowing machine can be found here: Rowing machine

Individual workouts
Jan Kok workouts
Half hour workouts
Hour workouts
Multi-day workouts

Training for youth and juniors

Erg workouts for groups
Themed on the water training
Strength training juniors and masters

Training Tips

Training frequency

Classic workouts

Recovery training
Extensive endurance
Intensive endurance
Minutes training
Sprint training
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Race specific training
Super compensation

Olbrecht workouts

Aerobic capacity
Aerobic power
Anaerobic capacity
Anaerobic power

Polarized training

Green zone
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Red zone

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