Sweep – Skying

Mistake: The handle is not brought in a horizontal line from release to catch, but goes in an arc through the air away from the water. The variant in which the trunk bends in before the catch and takes the arms and handle with it, is called Diving into the boat. Skying is by definition no Over reaching. The scull variant is described here: Skying sculling.
Observe: Blade: see if the blades come off the water before the catch.
Arms: see if the angle of the arms with the body changes.
Trunk: determine that the trunk does not rotate just before the catch.
Cause: Too much outer hand pressure on the handle. Wrong mental image of the (ideal) stroke
The catch cannot be made in time, because the blades have to approach the water from too great of a height. The boat rotates towards the rower's port, because the oar is lifted.
Remedy: Rowing with the Outer hand detached. As a result, less pressure is exerted on the handle and the oar lowers automatically. Use the exercise Blade trail variations.
Visually by looking at the blade. Visually by looking at the distance from the end of the handle to the top of the gunwale.
A rower's blade is raised high above the water before the catch. The blade is thus moved away from instead of lowered  to the water.

Sweep – Leaning away from the rigger
Crew – No cadence

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