Catch – Chopping catch

Practice: This exercise consists of a number of steps, only proceed to the next step when the current step is well mastered.
Step 1.  Sit in the resting point (and gently move the blades up and down three times, while maintaining balance. So the blade(s) make(s) a catch every time.
Step 2. Slide ¾ seat (single scull) or full slide and chop three times followed by the first ten centimeters of the draw. Repeat several times.
Step 3. Then slide 10cm forward and chop three times. Also repeat this.
Step 4. After that slide 10cm, chop three times and make a draw of 10cm. Repeat again.
Step 5. Finally, slide 10cm, catch once and then draw 10cm. Also repeat this again.
Type: Classic exercise.
Purpose: Learn to catch from the shoulder, catch gently.
Focus: Pay attention to the presence of movement in the shoulders. There should be no movement in the spine, trunk and in the arms.
Variation: Combine this with Sitting the boat if there is too little balance. Use the Pimenov draw.

Catch – Reverse and normal stroke
Catch – Rowing with 3 catches

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