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See: Bucket rigged.

Tap down

Pushing the blade out of the water, see: Finish. Main article: Finish.

Tap turn

Term used to describe a method of turning the boat where each rower uses a forwards or backwards rowing action with there arms only.

Ten little gnomes

Conditional exercise where increasing/decreasing number of strokes are rowed with maximum pressure. Main article: Ten little gnomes.

Three full, three light

Exercise in which the boat repeatedly must be brought to maximum speed in three strokes. Main article: 3 full, 3 light.


In a sweep boat without a coxswain, a rower controls the rudder and steer the boat by changing the direction of his (right) foot point. This is called toeing a boat. And the mechanism is called a toe.

Too much lay-back

Mistake where the rower leans too far back at the finish. Main article: Too much lay-back.


The nut which screws onto the top of the pin holding the oarlock in place.

Track slope

Rigging element that indicates the difference in height between the front and rear of the tracks. Main article: Track slope.


Two metal runners on which the sliding seat will roll.


A specially made trailer designed to transport boats for the sport of rowing. The trailers are typically made of steel or aluminium and come in a variety of sizes and configurations.


Concept from motor learning where that what is learned in the exercise is transferred to the regular rowing stroke. Main article: Motor coaching.


Portable stands used to support a boat for rigging, washing, admiring etc.


Rigging element that indicates the relation between stern-based tilt when the rowers are at the catch and the bow-based tilt when the rowers are at the finish. Main article: Trim.

Triple (3x)

A shell for three scullers with two oars each, usually without a coxswain. These boats are considerably rare. Also see: Discipline.

Trunk only rowing

Exercise where the trunk is the only body part that is used or rowing. Main article: Trunk only rowing.

Trunk throwing

Exercise that learns a modern initial away with trunk and arms simultaneously. Main article: Trunk throwing.


A wherry suitable for sweep rowing.

Tulip blade

See: Macon blade.


Boat for two scullers (2x), or two sweep rowers with (2+) or without (2-) coxswain.

Also see: Discipline.

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