rowing mistakes

Draw – Too much lay-back

Mistake: The trunk is rotated too far back, causing the rower to "lay down" in the boat. Also see: Draw.
Observe: Trunk: Look at the angle of the trunk and determine how much it unfolds.
Cause: Wrong mental image of the (ideal) stroke. Try to make the draw longer than necessary and efficient.
Loss of efficiency for three reasons. First, the draw is too long and it therefore takes too much time to get up from a "lying position". Secondly, the efficiency of the last centimeters is very low. Third, the boat tends to pitch, with the bow going further into the water than necessary. Inequality in the crew.
Have the rower practice in the Rowing bin or on the Rowing machine. The coach/instructor stands behind the rower and holds the shoulders with two hands (movement guidance).
Use the exercise Vary trunk rotation.
Tactile: focus on the abdominal muscles, they should be slightly and not extremely contracted.

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Too much lay-back

Draw – Not enough lay-back
Draw – Pull the trunk over the handle(s) 

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