Control – 3 full, 3 light

Practice: Three strokes full pressure followed by three strokes light pressure alternately. In the three strokes full pressure, the stroke rate follows the power. Pay attention to the fact that the sliding towards the catch of the first full draw is still slow. Stroke rate comes from the initial away of each previous draw. With a fast initial away a rower may slide a little faster, so the rowers will be earlier at the catch, resulting in more boat speed at the catch and therefore a faster draw: in short, the stroke rate climbs as result from the initial away and draw. The third draw full pressure goes straight into a first stroke light pressure. The stroke rate drops in one go, so that the first light stroke is calmly. The drill is done well if the stroke rate climbs evenly over the three strokes and the boat continues to accelerate during these three strokes. So for example: 24 (light) followed by 26, 28, 30 (hard) and back to 24. Hold this exercise for a long time (kilometers).
Type: Cybernetic exercise developed by Chris van Winden.
Purpose: Getting a crew together. The rowers learn to get up to speed in three strokes.
Focus: Pay attention to the acceleration of the boat: it must be constant and maximal.
First draw: slide slowly forward followed by a full leg press;
second draw: quickly & immediately initial away, so that the stroke can climb;
third draw: maximum speed and acceleration in the draw; after ¼ seat and sliding slowly and in balance.
Variation: Not all teams are able to get the boat to maximum speed in three strokes. Then four or five strokes instead of three can be chosen. When there is maximum acceleration in the first full strokes and no acceleration in the last full stroke, the number of strokes can be reduced.

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3 full, 3 light

Draw – Practice finish hand height
Control – Distance in minimum number of strokes

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