Rowing rigging


Concept: The position of the rowers in relation to the boat.
Sizes: The shift (and not the actual position) in rowing positions is measured in centimeters. Due to the weight shift of the crew in the boat, the boat makes an angular rotation (pitching) during the stroke. This angular rotation ranges from about 1.5° for a single scull to 0.75° for eights. The Free-swivel of bow and stroke riggers can also be used as a measure. 
+ A stern trim, wil level the boat more at the finish.
A bow trim, wil level the boat more at the finish.
Measure: In a single scull, the trim can be observed while rowing, as shown in the following table:
  Trim at catch Trim at finish
Neutral Sternward Bowward
Bowward Neutral Bowward
Sternward Sternward Neutral

In crew boats, the boat is positioned near the pontoon, levelled with the oars - with a spirit level on the board edges - and the Free-swivel of bow and stroke riggers is measured at the catch- and finish positions.

From top to bottom: neutral trim, bow trim and stern trim

Adjust: Slide the combination of wing riggers (or oarlocks), foot stretchers and tracks a few centimeters to stern or bow. As a result, the mass of the crew is shifted accordingly.

Position length
Stroke quadrants

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