Draw – Trunk only rowing

Practice: Make strokes with fixed seat and stretched arms, only the trunk moves back and forth. The arms may be slightly (minimally) bent during the finish to be able to push out the blade(s), just like with the Pimenov draw.
Type: Classic exercise.
Purpose: Good learning of the trunk movement when rowing. Make the trunk move faster during the draw.
Focus: Pay attention to swinging the trunk back and forth quickly and not too slowly.
Transfer: Use 5 to 10 strokes for lengthening out to full slide, still with stretched arms. Then go back to fixed seat in the same steps. In crewed boats lengthening out through half seat and ¾ seat to full stroke and back again. The arms remain stretched.
Variation: It is also possible to start from a quarter seat if the rowers are well able to row a quarter seat. With a good implementation of quarter seat, no more than 5 cm is slided. 

Draw – Practice pressure build-up
Draw – Vary blade height

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