Rowing dictionary – D

Deploy the trunk too early

Mistake where the rower uses the trunk at the beginning of the draw instead of the legs only. Main article: Use the trunk too early.

Differential learning

Appearance of motor learning in which variation is central. Also see: Differential approach. Main article: Motor coaching.

Digging deep

Mistake where the blade disappears too far under water; catching a crab is sometimes the result. Main article: Digging deep.


* Coxed (with coxswain) sculling boat
x Coxless (without coxswain) sculling boat.
+ Coxed sweep boat
Coxless sweep boat

M8+ Men's eight
W4- Women's coxless (or straight) four
LM2- Lightweight men's coxless pair
BM1x Men's single sculls under age 23
JW4x Junior women's quad
WMC2x Masters women's double sculls with average crew age between 43–49

Distance in minimum number of strokes

Exercise in which a distance is covered in as few strokes as possible. Main article: Distance in minimum number of strokes.

Dive into the boat

Mistake where the rower bends his trunk and pushes his oar(s) down, just before the catch. Main article: Dive into the boat.

Don't finish

Mistake where the draw is not completed to the chest and stopped too early. Main article: Draw not finished.

Double (2x)

Boat for two scullers.

Drag strap

Aid for putting a heavier load on the rower and for teaching the rower to handle the boat acceleration during the draw. Main article: Drag strap.

Drainage caps

Small black caps that allow water to drain from the buoyancy compartments.


The propulsive portion of the stroke from the time the oar blade enters the water (Catch) until it is removed from the water (Finish). Main article: Draw.

Drifting stroke

Crew exercise in which one rower at a time does not exert any force and lets the blades float in the water. Main article: Drifting stroke.

Drunken octopus/spider

The poor technique evident when an eight (8+) is rowed with no two oars moving in the same time or position in the stroke.

Dynamic rowing machine

Advanced rowing simulator or ergometer for use on land that resembles the boat feeling.

Main article: Rowing machine.

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