Rowing dictionary – U

Uncontrolled sliding

Mistake where the rower does not slide in a controlled way. Main article: Uncontrolled sliding.

Unequal power distribution

Crew mistake where rowers do not synchronize the power in the draw. Main article: Unequal power distribution.

Unequal stroke length

Crew mistake where the stroke length is not equal. Main article: Unequal stroke length.

Unequal stroke segments

Crew mistake where one or more foot stretchers are incorrectly positioned. Main article: Unequal stroke segments.

Uneven catch

Crew mistake where the catch is not equal. Main article: Uneven catch.

Uneven finish

Crew mistake where the finish is (sounds) uneven. Main article: Uneven finish.

Uneven movement sequence

Crew mistake, where the rowers do not use legs, trunk and arms in the same way during the draw. Main article: Uneven movement sequence.

Uneven recovery

Crew mistake where the movement sequence or timing in the recovery is unequal. Main article: Uneven recovery.

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