rowing mistakes

Draw – Draw not finished

Mistake: The handle(s) is/are not pulled through to the chest. Also see: Draw. Not to be confused with Foot stretcher not set properly in a sculling boat.
Observe: Hands: see how much they are pulled towards the chest.
Cause: Too little strength in the arms or too much rushing at the finish.
Speed loss. Inequality in the crew.
Remedy: Ask the rower to touch the chest with his outstretched thumbs. Also Practice finish hand height may be helpful. The use of  pause 1 (Pause paddling) is not advised, this exercise has a bad transfer (see Motor coaching).
Visually by looking at the handle(s). Tactile by stretching the thumbs and feeling them touch the chest.

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A rower who does not finish the draw (red) compared to a (blue) rower that does it right (

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Draw not finished

Draw – Overstretching the legs
Draw – Pressureless end draw

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