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Draw – Use the trunk too early

Mistake: The rower uses his trunk before or together with the legs. Also see: Draw. Often in combination with Over reaching at the catch, where the trunk is actively used in the last part of the recovery and the first part of the draw. Four errors around the catch involve the trunk:
1.  Recovery: Dive into the boat – The trunk is rotated just before the catch and the handle(s) go deep into the boat.
2.  Recovery: Over reaching – The trunk is rotated just before the catch and the handle(s) go in a straight horizontal line.
3.  Catch: Catching with the trunk – The trunk is used to make the catch.
4.  Draw: Use the trunk too early – The trunk is not used for the catch, after the catch the trunk is rotated too early.
Observe: Trunk: look at the moment the trunk unfolds and moves backwards.
Cause: Wrong mental image of the (ideal) stroke. Possibly in combination with Over reaching. For youth rowers, the trunk muscles may not be sufficiently developed to transmit the leg drive properly.
Back problems due to too much rowing with the trunk. Loss of efficiency on the draw due to the leg drive being counteracted by the force of the straight thigh muscle, who stretches the trunk but also bends the knee.
Remedy erg/bin: Press firmly against lower back with a flat hand immediately after the catch. Then ask the rower to kick the hand away. This is only possible with the leg drive and not with the trunk rotation. Then take the hand away and ask again to kick the hand (that is no longer there) away. The rower continues to 'feel' the imaginary hand and can still kick it away. Use the 5-step learning process (Intervene).
Differential approach by let the rower row three strokes with Kicking through the seat, three strokes properly and three strokes while Use the trunk too early. Alternate one Pimenov draw with one regular draw. Then Practice draw sequence
Tactile by kicking the hand away (see remedy erg above). Tactile by focusing on the underside of the trunk, the movement of the trunk rotation can be felt there.

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Use the trunk too early (red) compared to a proper (blue) draw (

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Use the trunk too early.

Catch – Indirect catch
Draw – No pressure after the catch

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