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Recovery – Dive into the boat

Mistake: Just before the catch the trunk is bent in, with the handle(s) going deep into the boat and the blade(s) coming off the water. The variant where the handle(s) is/are pressed down with the arms is called Skying. Also see: Recovery. Four errors around the catch involve the trunk:
1.  Recovery: Dive into the boat – The trunk is rotated just before the catch and the handle(s) go deep into the boat.
2.  Recovery: Over reaching – The trunk is rotated just before the catch and the handle(s) go in a straight horizontal line.
3.  Catch: Catching with the trunk – The trunk is used to make the catch.
4.  Draw: Use the trunk too early – The trunk is not used for the catch, after the catch the trunk is rotated too early.
Observe: Blade: see if the blades come off the water just before the catch.
Arms: determine that the angle of the arms to the body does not change.
Trunk: optionally look at the trunk to see that it is rotated extra just before the catch.
Cause: Can be caused by insufficient body over in the initial away or a Sliding stroke where the rower dives into the boat to make sufficient space for squaring the blades.
Indirect catch, because the blade is far away from the water. This results in a shorter draw with less efficiency. It also causes inequality within a crewed boat.
Remedy: There are a number of exercises that can solve this mistake Pimenov drawReverse and normal stroke and the Practice body over. Optional: Chopping catch.
Tactile by concentration on the lower back or visually by looking at the blade.

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Dive into the boat

Recovery – Not sliding far enough
Recovery – Over reaching

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