Tool – Drag strap

Practice: The drag strap can be used in small boats: single scull, pair and double. Attach the drag strap at the position of the foot stretcher of the stroke: the strap should be under the boat and tied to the rigger. Row a piece with a drag strap followed by a piece without the strap. Make sure that in both cases the force on the fingers remains the same and the acceleration of the boat is compensated for by pulling the handles more quickly towards the trunk.
Type: Cybernetic tool developed by André Ligthart.
Purpose: Improve power. Improving the feel when taking pressure on the catch. Improve the pull feel when holding pressure during the end draw.
Focus: Bring your attention to the hands/fingers and feel the oar(s) pulling/pulling the fingers. Keep this force constant as much as possible during the draw. Do the same when rowing a section without the strap.

The drag strap

To make: Use 75cm garden hose and 225cm 8mm thick rope. Feed the rope through the hose and make a knot on both sides, so that the hose is fixed in the middle.

The drag strap mounted on the boat

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The drag strap in action

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