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Erg workouts for a group

Ergometers can be quite boring. With these training variations you make it fun to train on the Rowing machine.

Rowing training More rowers than ergometers

Row your own World Cup

Form two or more teams, preferably of approximately equal strength and an equal number of rowers. Row as many meters as possible in 45 minutes on one rowing machine. The team with the most meters wins.

Relay sprint

Each rower rows for 1 minute. The crew with the most meters wins.
An alternative is to have each rower row 250m. The crew wins, that has covered the total distance first.

Ergometer estafette

Set a specified total distance on the ergometer. Every rower needs to row exacly one time. The crew wins, that has covered this distance first.

Relay pyramid

Take an odd number of rowers Rowing machine Rower one rows 1 minute, Rower two one minute longer and so on, until the majority has passed. From that moment on, the rowers row one minute shorter each time. So with three rowers 1-2-1 minutes and with five rowers 1-2-3-2-1 minutes.

An alternative form is to make it an increasing pressure piece in the form of 1-2-3-4-5 minutes for 5 rowers.

Tempo chase

Make two teams of equal size. Have the first rower start at stroke rate 25. When the display stroke rate strokes in a row, the rower may do the same one stroke rate higher. Continue like this, stroke rate by one each time. The display must always show exactly the corresponding stroke rate for strokes The stroke rate must also be rowed strokes

Note the maximum stroke rate each rower thus manages to strokes. Add up the maximum stroke rate of all rowers. The team with the highest score wins. Can also be performed with three or four strokes per stroke rate.

EC all-round

Organize the Ergometer Championship all-round! Each rower ergometers 250m, 500m, 1000m and 2000m. This can be done in two sessions in which 250m/2000m and 500m/1000m are rowed. Then the average 500m time over the distances is recorded and the four times are added together. The rower with the shortest time wins.

Rowing training Enough ergometers for the number of rowers

Side by side competition

When the ergometers are connected to the computer, you can single scull or two against each other. Google on: Concept2 software and you can download the software for this. It runs on any PC and connects the ergometers via USB cables.

Handicap race

Have the rowers exercise 500 meters. Determine the split times. Then you calculate the time difference of the split times in seconds between the slowest rower and every other rower. This gives each rower his own handicap and the slowest rower a handicap of 0 seconds. Then this handicap is used to start the rowers at different times. First the slowest rower starts and then - when the personal handicap time has elapsed - the other rowers. The rower who has completed the distance first wins. Calculate it here Split timesStart difference


The youngest rower calls a stroke rate and split time. Then all rowers try to ergometer the split time and stroke rate. The first person to show this to the facilitator yells "bingo". Whoever succeeded is allowed to call a new stroke rate and split time. If the rowers are unable to archieve stroke rate and spilt time within one minute, the next rower in age calls a stroke rate and split time.

Precision rowing

The facilitator calls a distance. It is then the intention that the rowers row exactly that distance, ie not a meter more or less. Whoever reaches the exact distance is the winner. Otherwise, the rower who gets closest is the winner. In case of equal distances, the rower who reaches the distance first wins.

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