Rowing training

Olbrecht – Anaerobic capacity

Purpose: Increase maximal glycolytic/lactate producing capacity. Read more about Olbrecht method.
Method: 5 – 15 seconds at maximum power
Intensity: 95% – 100%, just below maximum. Read more about Power percentages.
Duration: 2 – 4 minutes
Rest: Relatively long, preferably passive rest (not moving)
Recovery: Limited
Phase: Competition season, preparation for important matches in 'tapering-off' period

Legend: '=minutes, "=seconds, S=strokes, F=force (pressure), R=stroke rate, P=Power, Rr=race rate, Rr-x=x below race rate, →=followed by, ()=repeat

AnC1: 10x (15" P100% → 2" rest)
AnC2: 10x (40" P95% → 2" rest)
AnC3: 10x (7S P100% → 2"rest)
AnC4: 10x (25S P95% → 2"rest)

Olbrecht – Aerobic power
Olbrecht – Anaerobic power

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