Rowing training

Classic – Race-specific training

Purpose: Develop and maintain high speed, maintain technique. Confidence before competition.
Duration: 6 – 8 minutes
Interval: no
Rest: 15 minutes
Intensity: 85% – 95% Read more about Power percentages.
Heartbeat: 80% – 90% of the HFres. Read more about Heart rate reserve.
Lactate: >12 mmol
Phase: Competition season, preparation for important races in 'tapering-off' period

Legend: '=minutes, "=seconds, S=strokes, F=force (pressure), R=stroke rate, P=Power, Rr=race rate, Rr-x=x below race rate, →=followed by, ()=repeat

RS1: 1000m Rr Pmax → 10' rest → 2x (500m Rr Pmax → 10' rest)
RS2: 4x (500m Rr Pmax → 10' rest)
RS3: 10x (15" – 20" Rr Pmax)
RS4: 5x (start + 10S)

Classic – Strength endurance
Classic – Super compensation

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