Cox training for a group

Docking challenge

Who can put the bowrigger closest to a PET bottle on the edge of the dock without knocking it over and hitting the dock with the boat?

Manoeuvring challenge

Fill three PET bottles partially with water or use (old) tennis balls. Use a coxed C2. Each participant will cox once and row twice.

The facilitator throws a tennis ball or half-filled PET bottle into the water in front of the raft. Make sure the label is removed from the PET bottle. The team must retrieve this ball/bottle (alternately) halving or ironing. Rowers should only follow commands from the cox. The ball/bottle must not be pushed towards the boat with the blades and the cox must be able to pick up the ball/bottle effortlessly. When successful: release the rudder ropes and let them do it again. 

A variation on this starts and ends at the dock. The helmsman throws two balls/pet bottles into the water. After the start signal, the cox lets the rowers board. Then the cox and rowers have to retrieve the first ball/bottle by normal rowing and the second by reverse rowing. The rowers then row back to the dock and get out of the boat again. The time is recorded (bring your stopwatch) and stops when everyone is on the dock. When the rowers do something the helmsman did not ask them to do, the team gets penalty seconds. When this succeeds, it is done again, but without the cox holding the steering ropes.

Afterwards, the used commands are evaluated and better commands are explained if necessary.

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