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Recovery – Over reaching

Mistake: The trunk is rotating towards the knees while sliding and/or just before the catch. Hereby the handle(s), as opposed to Dive into the boat are pushed straight forward and not down. When a rower makes the mistake: Skying sculling or Skying sweep rowing the trunk is not rotating, but only the arms are. Also see: Recovery. Four errors around the catch involve the trunk:
1.  Recovery: Dive into the boat – The trunk is rotated just before the catch and the handle(s) go deep into the boat.
2.  Recovery: Over reaching – The trunk is rotated just before the catch and the handle(s) go in a straight horizontal line.
3.  Catch: Catching with the trunk – The trunk is used to make the catch.
4.  Draw: Use the trunk too early – The trunk is not used for the catch, after the catch the trunk is rotated too early.
Observe: Blades: determine that the blades do not come off the water just before the catch.
Trunk: look at the trunk to see this is rotated just before the catch.
Cause: Can be caused by insufficient body over or a feeling that the draw needs to be longer.
Trunk rotation and stroke length are not controlled.
Remedy: Use the Pimenov draw, and the Practice body over exercise.
Accentuate the overreaching at the catch by placing a hand between the shoulder blades and give the rower a firm push just before the catch, to accentuatie the overreaching. Because of this, he gets aware how overreaching at the catch feels. Use the 5-step learning process (Intervene). Then use the above mentioned exercises.
Feel at the bottom of the trunk.

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Over reaching just before the catch

Recovery – Dive into the boat
Recovery – Sliding under your shoulders

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