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Recovery – Pausing before the catch

Mistake: The seat stops before the catch, because the rower waits a moment before catching. Also see: Catch.
Observe: Seat: In the Rowing bin, or on the Rowing machine, look at the seat and determine that it is stationary.
Legs: for the boat, look at the legs and see that there is a pause between folding and unfolding.
Cause: Not mastering the technique of a direct catch or sliding too fast so he has to wait for the catch of the stroke.
Pausing before the catch (indirect catch) has a negative effect on boat speed. WARNING: when the rower is the only one in the crew who catches directly, this easily leads to back injuries. After all, he is the only one who has pressure on the blade quickly.
Remedy erg/bin: The rower should catch when the blade tip touches the water, not when the furthest point is reached. During the recovery, slowly lower the blade and when the tip touches the water, the blade is immediately placed in the water. Practice on the ergometer without holding the handle by sliding back and forth without pausing the seat. Practice in the Rowing bin by asking the rower to row with a backsplash, with the blade splashing water toward the bow side. The moment the blade tip touches the water, the coach/instructor gives the rower's handle(s) a tap up, to let him feel where the catch should take place.
Preferably use the Rowing bin first, that's the best way to learn this. Rowing with a Speed tube and bring up the fountain as quickly as possible after the catch.
Visually because of the speed with which the blade grabs the water. Visually due to the fact that the blade stops a brief moment (indirect catch) or tactile because the knees unfold again immediately after folding (direct catch). Visually in the boat because the stern is not thrown backwards.
The blade of a rower catch, instead of moving continuously. Prior to the catch, the cox is thrown forward more strongly than with a direct catch.

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A rower who pauses at the catch, wants to catch evenly. Therefore he has to slide faster (

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Pausing before the catch

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Catch – Catching with the trunk

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