Draw – Pimenov draw (legs only)

Practice: Making the first part of the draw, in particular the leg drive. This exercise was devised by the Pimenov brothers who practice this in the pair. Place the blades in the water make the leg drive and push the blades out. The trunk must not move and the blades must be feathered and squared. The arms may be slightly (minimally) bent in finish, to be able to take the blades properly out of the water. This exercise is difficult, so it it is wise to learn it in the Rowing bin, or on the Rowing machine, before it can be used boat. If necessary combine the exercise with Sitting the boat.
Type: Classic exercise. The exercise Practice draw sequence has better transfer.
Purpose: Learn to catch properly, unlearning to make the catch on the arms or trunk.
Focus: Pay attention to the arms and legs: first raise the arms from the shoulders, followed by a fierce kick with the legs. There should be no movement in the trunk, spine and in the arms.
Transfer: Pimenov draw, full stroke alternately. So in turn a pimenov draw and a full draw. The purpose is to transfer (copy) the pimenov leg drive to the full draw. Coach and rower may not see and/or notice any difference between the start of a pimenov draw and a full draw.
Variation: The variant with an untwisted blade is not recommended, because it has no added value. Another variant is Practice draw sequence.

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Legs only

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Alternating legs only with full stroke

Catch – Rowing with 3 catches
Draw – Practice draw sequence

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