rowing mistakes

Draw – No pressure after the catch

Mistake: The blade pressure build up after the catch is too slow. The blade is not locked in the water fast enough (See also: Catch), because the initial leg drive is too slow.
Observe: Legs: Look at the speed at which the knees go down.
Blade: Look at the speed at which the blade gets away after the catch.
Cause: Rowing with strength rather than movement speed. Not having learned to place and/or fixed the blade(s) properly. After the atch, the legs do not jump away.
The first part of the draw is not effective, because the leg power is insufficiently used. Reduced boat speed, as it must be realised in the second part of the draw
Learn a good leg drive on the rowing machine, see Practice pressure build-up.
Rowing with a Speed tube and rise the fountain as quickly as possible after the catch
Rowing with half seat, high stroke rate and strong pressure. Focus on the speed at which the legs are kicked flat. Because the catch is made in the flow direction of the water and the boat speed is relatively high, handle speed is needed to get pressure.
On the Rowing machine visually by looking at the steepness (left) of the pressure curve. Visually in the boat by looking at the speed tube. Tactile by quickly flattening the knees.

Draw – Use the trunk too early
Draw – Digging deep

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