Draw – Practice draw sequence

Practice: This is an exercise to learn that the trunk rotation during the draw towards the catch can be varied and the amount of rotation is a choice. Make three strokes with a:
1.   Pimenov draw (legs only);
2.  Pimenov draw with trunk rotation (leg drive + trunk rotation), ;
3.  full draw (leg drive + trunk rotation + arms),
Then follow these steps in reverse order back to the first one. If three strokes are experienced as too uneasy, you can also practice with five strokes. The idea is that when looking at the start of the draw one can't tell which variant it will be, because the movement order of legs, trunk and arms are the same in the three variants. This exercise is difficult, so it it is wise to learn it in theRowing bin, or on the Rowing machine, before it can be used boat. If necessary combine the exercise with Sitting the boat.
Type: Motor exercise developed by Jeroen Brinkman. The exercise focuses on transferring a Pimenov draw to a normal draw. The movement sequence during the draw is thus trained (Motor coaching).
Purpose: Good teaching of the sequence of movement during the draw.
Focus: Pimenov draw: pay attention to the movement in the legs, there should be no movement in the spine, trunk and in the arms.
Pimenov draw with trunk rotation: first movement in the legs, then movement in the trunk.
Full stroke: pay attention to the sequence of legs, trunk and arms.  
Variation: Also see Dynamic lengthening. Practice the individual parts:  Pimenov draw, (legs) Trunk only roeing (trunk) and fixed seat fixed trunk (arms) rowing.

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Practice draw sequence: Pimenov stroke (1), Pimenov with trunk rotation (2) and full stroke (3)

Draw – Pimenov draw (legs only)
Draw – Practice trunk rotation

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