rowing mistakes

Draw – Kicking through the seat

Mistake: The rower does not keep the trunk position fixed during the draw. This causes trunk to rotate and fold in during the leg drive. 
Observe: Trunk: Look at the trunk folding in during the first part of the draw, followed by the unfolding in the second part.
Cause: Wrong mental image of the (ideal) stroke. In youth rowers, the trunk muscles may not be sufficiently developed to transmit leg drive
Back problems due to too much rowing with the trunk. Loss of efficiency on the draw due to insufficient use of leg power.
Remedy erg/bin: Position the rower stationary at the catch. The coach/instructor grabs the handle(s) in a undergrip. When the Rowing bin is used he braces himself by placing one foot against the foot stretcher. Hang over the windbox at the Rowing machine and grab the handle. Then the coach/instructor asks the rower to apply force. The handle will now remain fixed and the seat will move backwards. Here the through the seat kicking manifests itself. When the handle(s) are stationary, the seat should not move. Then release the handle(s) and let the rower row one stoke before grabbing the handle(s) again.  Use the 5-step learning process (Intervene).
Tactile: focus on the absence of movement in the lower back during the first part of the draw.

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A rower who is kicking through the seat (red) compared to a (blue) rower that does it right (

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Kicking through the seat

Draw – Digging deep
Draw – Seesawing of the blade

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