rowing mistakes

Recovery – Not sliding far enough

Mistake: The rower doesn't slide up far enough. As a result, the catch is made too early. Also see: Recovery.
Observe: Legs: Look at the angle of the lower legs and determine if they are vertical before the catch. See if the knees touch the chest at the catch.
Cause: Position of the foot stretcher, length of the Achilles tendon too short, corpulence (abdomen), much too far body over so that the chest comes against the knees, the rowers mental image of the (ideal) stroke.
The strokes are too short, resulting in loss of draw efficiency and rhythm disturbances in crewed boats.
In case of an abdomen, let the rower loose weight. In case of body over too far, use the exercise Vary trunk rotation. Use motion guidance, until the right catch is made. Differential by varying the sliding length: three quarter seat, normal slide and extra long slide, trying to hit the front stops. Use the Pimenov draw where the sliding length is varied.
Use a Reach straw. Ask the rower to hit the straw each stroke.
Tactile by paying attention to the flexion of the knees and the release of the heels from the foot stretcher. Tactile by touching the knees with the chest. In the boat visually by looking at the point where the handle(s) make the catch, relative to far end of the rigger. Feel the reach straw.

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A rower who slides not far enough (red) compared to a (blue) rower that does it right (

Recovery – Uncontrolled sliding
Recovery – Dive into the boat

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