Recovery – Practice body over

Practice: This is an exercise to learn that the trunk rotation during the draw towards the catch can be varied and the amount of rotation is a choice. Make three strokes:
1.  with maximum body over, so that the trunk is already halfway against the thighs.
2.  with normal trunk position;
3.  were the trunk is bend no further than a vertical position;
4.  with the trunk laying backward (in the finish position);
Then follow these steps in reverse order back to the first one. If three strokes are experienced as too uneasy, you can also practice with five strokes. 
Type: Motor exercise. Uses a Differential approach.
Purpose: Good teaching of the correct angle of the trunk towards the catch.
Focus: Pay attention to the angle of your trunk, by wondering if it is in front of, above or (far) behind the seat. Feel your hamstrings when leaning forward and your abs when leaning back.
Variation: Use the exercise Vary trunk rotation for the use of the trunk rotation for the finish. Trunk only rowing will learn the rower to use his trunk more explicitly.

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Practice body over: maximum (1), regular (2), vertical (3) and laying (4)

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