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Crew – Uneven catch

Mistake: The catch of the different rowers in the crew is not the even.
Observe: Blades: Look at the catch similarity of the blades.
Oars: determine that the stroke lengths are equal.
Cause: There can be several reasons for this:
1.  The individual technique is insufficient to make a good catch, see the catching errors.
2. The sliding is uneven, making the catch uneven (Uneven recover).
3. The rowers pay insufficient attention to the stroke.
4. When there is a difference in the directness of the catch within the crew due to individual technical ability, there is a difference in speed between the catches.
Uneven rowing, little synergy in the crew. Speed loss. If the force at the catch is considerable, the rowers who asked to catching experience a severe back strain. This creates the possibility of back injuries, because they have to bring the boat up to speed on their own.
Of course, the individual technique of the rowers must be sufficient to make a good catch. Place the rowers that are most even on the stroke positions. Possible exercises are:
1.  rowing with individual (and thus possibly different) accents where each rower is given an accent to compensate for his deviation from the crew;
2. have rowers row with their eyes closed and listen to the (similarity of the) catch (Eyes closed rowing);
3. rowing with collective accents (Rowing with emphasising);
4. the exercise: Stroke against crew.
By ear, by the sound of the catch. Visually by looking at your own blade in relation to the other blades.
The blades of the rowers do not enter the water exactly at the same time. The sound of the catch should be even.

Crew – Uneven recovery
Crew – Unequal power distribution

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