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Crew – Uneven recovery

Mistake: The sliding of the different rowers in the crew is not the same. Moving too quickly sliding in a crew is called rushing. This causes the stroke rate rise unintentionally.
Observe: Oars: look at the parallelism of the oars during recovery.
Handles: look at the handles to see if they move evenly.
Legs: Look at the moment when the knees come up.
Cause: Analyze the cause for each rower, namely the rower:
1.  has - unlike the rest of the crew - a classic initial away (see the mistake: Sticky trunk);
2. has a too slow and/or sticky initial away (see the mistake: Sticking handle(s)), therefore starts sliding too late, forcing him to catch up on the tracks.
3. starts sliding at the right time, but slides too fast relative to the crew (see the mistake: Uncontrolled sliding).
4. starts too early with sliding (see the mistake: Sliding too early);
5. the rower does not go up far enough on the tracks (see the mistake: Not sliding far enough).
Uneven rowing, the precise stroke rate becomes less noticeable. Unintentionally increasing the stroke rate.
In case of obvious individual mistakes solve these first. Then with the crew:
1.  Preferably the exercise: Practice the recovery sequence.
2. The exercise Eyes closed rowing with disruptions in the sliding.
3. If neccessary the exercise Trunk throwing
An uneven recovery can very well be noticed by the stoke.  Individual rowers notice this because the foot stretcher influences the sliding: either because the foot straps are felt, or because the foot stretcher seems to push back.

Crew – Uneven finish
Crew – Uneven catch

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