rowing mistakes

Crew – Unequal stroke segments

Mistake: The strokes of the different rowers in the crew are not the same, the position of catch and finish differs. This mistake is very similar to the previous mistake Unequal stroke length, making a correct diagnosis therefore important.
Observe: Oars: Look at the catch and finish oar angles and the parallelism of the oars.
Cause: Usually caused by the foot stretcher(s) not being properly set. See the mistake Foot stretcher not set correctly.
The power distribution during the draw is different. The rowers who are positioned more to the stern of the boat experience a lot of resistance at the catch, the rowers towards the bow a lot of resistance at the finish. As a result, there is little synergy in the crew and the rowers get tired quickly. Speed loss.
View the crew from the side (shore or pontoon). Stop te boat en let them show the catch and then at the finish positions. Adjust the foot stretchers on this basis, so that the angles become (more) equal.
Check the position of the foot stretcher.

Crew – Unequal stroke length
Crew – Uneven movement sequence

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