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Crew – Uneven finish

Mistake: The finish moment of the different rowers in the crew is not the same. If this is caused by difference in strokes length, see the mistake: Unequal stroke length.
Observe: Blades: look at the similarity of the finish of the blades.
Oars: determine that the stroke lengths are equal.
Cause: There can be several reasons for this:
1.  The individual technique is insufficient to make a good finish, see the individual errors.
2. The speed at which the oars are drawn through the water is unequal (individual strength differences), so the rowers finish their draw at different times, making the finish uneven.
3. The rowers pay insufficient attention to the stroke.
Uneven rowing, little synergy in the crew. Speed loss.
Make sure that the individual technique of the rowers is sufficient. Have rowers row with their eyes closed and listen to the (similarity of the) finish (Eyes closed rowing). Use the exercise Stroke against crew to learn the rowers to adapt to the stroke.
Hear the sound of the finish. Visually by looking at your own blade in relation to the other blades. With sweep rowing visually by looking at the gunwale: with an uneven finish it moves up and down and gives a little vibration.
The blades of the rowers do not go out of the water exactly at the same time. The sound of the finish (squaring of the oars) must be equal.

Crew – Uneven movement sequence
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