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Crew – Unequal stroke length

Mistake: The stroke length of the different rowers in the crew is not the same. This mistake is very similar to the following mistake Unequal stroke segments, making a correct diagnosis is therefore important.
Observe: Oars: Look at the catch and finish oar angles and the parallelism of the oars.
Cause: Posture (length of the rower) and/or mistakes in the stroke (too short at the catch and/or too short at the finish).
The distance that the blade travels through the water is not equal. With an equal catch and finish, the speeds of the blades through the water are therefore unequal and also the contribution of the individual rowers to the boat speed. This makes it difficult to row together and there is little synergy in the team. Speed ​​loss.
View the crew from the side (shore or pontoon). Stop te boat en let them show the catch and then at the finish positions. Have the short rowers catch with their chests touching the legs and finish while they open a little further behind. Use the exercises Practice body over to adapt the reach at the catch and Vary trunk rotation to adapt the length at the end draw. If the individual length differences are too big, leave it as is. Possibly put together a crew where the posture of the rowers fits better together. Put the rower with the shortest stroke on the stroke seat.
Tactile by feeling the rotation of the trunk at catch and finish. Visually to look at the position of the handle(s) at the catch in relation to the rigger.

Crew – No cadence
Crew – Unequal stroke segments

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