rowing mistakes

Crew – Unequal power distribution

Mistake: The power distribution in the strokes of the different rowers in the crew is not equal. By definition, the movement sequence as well as the entry and finish of the rowers are the same.
Observe: Oars: look at the oars if they stay parallel.
Puddles: look at the puddles if they are equal.
Legs: look at the knees to see if they go down even.
Cause: The individual draw of the rowers is not equal or the rowers are not alert enough in following.
Rowers do not draw equally and individually deliver more power at certain points, than the crew. So  the rowers tire more quickly. Uneven sliding and/or an uneven draw. Speed loss. Symptomatic of so-called "work boats" where the rowers work all very hard, but where the speed lags behind the effort.
Ensure that the individual technique of the rowers is adequate. Rowing with collective accents (Rowing with emphasising). Rowing with individual (and therefore possibly different) accents where each rower is given an accent to compensate for his deviation from te crew. Also Practice draw sequence and Trunk only rowing can be beneficial. Rowing 3 full, 3 light for an extended distance to get the crew together. Repeat this for as long as necessary over several workouts.
By ear, by the sound of entry and finish. Tactile because the boat runs less well.

Crew – Uneven catch
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