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The thinnest part of an oar.

No balance

Mistake where the boat is not level but rotates on its longitudinal axis. Main articles: No balance in the scull boat and No balance in the sweep boat

No cadence

Mistake where the rowing rhythm of the crew is not right. Main article: No cadence.

No core stability

Mistake that prevents the boat to stay level. Main article: No core stability (and balance).

No pressure after the catch

Mistake where the pressure builds up too slowly after the catch. Main article: No pressure after the catch.

No water-free recovery

Mistake where the rowers touch the water during recovery. Main article: No water-free recovery.

Not enough lay-back

Mistake where the rower sits too upright at the finish. Main article: Not enough lay-back.

Not sliding far enough

Mistake where the rower does not slide far enough. Main article: Not sliding far enough.


Term used to describe someone who has very little rowing experience.


See: Seat number.

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