rowing mistakes

General – No core stability (and balance)

Mistake: The rower does not sit on two buttocks in the boat and the trunk does not move along with the boat, like a mast on a ship. Also see: Balance.
Observe: Oarlocks: see if they go up and down (bounce) during recovery.
Balance problems, feeling insecure.
Cause: Uncertainty, little experience, missing core stability.
Leaning to level the boat by fixing the hips and balance with the oars. Let the rower practice in the C1 or single scull. Also the Balancing board offers a solution. If there is no balancing board, than sit single as an instructor in the singe scull yourself. Put the single scull along the pontoon, so that the oarlock just doesn't touch the pontoon. Ask the rower to move the rigger slowly up and down and sit straight (no core stability) and lean along with the boat (core stability) for a number of times. Ask the rower if it feels different (yes, it does). Then change and put the rower in the boat and repeat the exercise. Finally the exercise Single scull: Finish variations in single scull or C1 will help the rower understand how a good finish contributes to balance.
Tactile, the waist should not rotate sideways. Visually, as the boat rolls, the horizon should not stand still but should tilt to left and right.

General – Spine movement
General – Badly looking back

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