rowing mistakes

Crew – No cadence

Mistake: The rhythm of the stroke is not right. This can manifest itself in the following problem:
1.  turning at the finish on trunk and arms is too slow (Sticky handle(s) and Sticky trunk)
2. sliding is too slow (Apple pie with whipped cream syndrome);
3. the leg kick after the catch is too slow (No pressure after the catch);
4. the handle acceleration is not enough to compensate for the boat acceleration (Pressureless end draw);
The Wiper stroke is – when made collectively – a manifestation of this error.
Observe: Legs: Look at the speed at which the knees are kicked flat.
Handle: look at the speed differences in the handle.
Trunk: Look at the trunk turning speed at the finish.
Cause: A wrong idea of the rowing stoke or technical inability. A slow initial away forces the rower to catch up on the slide and causes what is known as chasing where the stroke feels rushed. No leg kick and handle acceleration, prevents the blade from proper catching the water and keeping the pressure during the draw: the boat won't get up to speed.
 Rowers have trouble finding each other in the similarity. Speed loss.
Rowing consecutively with the following exercises.
1.  Speed ​​up the turning at the finish with the exercise Trunk throwing.
2. Achieving equality in the recovery with Dynamic lengthening.
3. Row a piece where the rowers are asked to raise the arms simultaneously (hurrah!) and then kick the legs away as if making a jump (hurrah and jump!)
4. Row a piece with hurrah and jump! followed by aevolgd by an acceleration of the handle(s) to the resting point above the knees.
Listen to the sound of the draw.
Listen to the sound of the draw.

Sweep – Skying
Crew – Unequal stroke length

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