rowing mistakes

Draw – Not enough lay-back

Mistake: The rower sits much too upright before the finish and does not rotate the trunk enough. The trunk should be brought back so far that the abdominal muscles are just tightened. Also see: Draw.
Observe: Trunk: Look at the angle of the trunk and determine how much it unfolds.
Cause: Wrong mental image of the (ideal) stroke, nonchalance.
Loss of speed due to a shortened draw. Inequality in the crew.
Have the rower practice in the Rowing bin or on the Rowing machine The instructor stands behind the rower and gently pulls the shoulders back (movement guidance). The shoulders should come behind the hips.
Use the exercises Vary trunk rotation and Trunk only rowing.
Tactile on the abdomen. The trunk should be reclined and the abs should be just contracted finish

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Not enough lay-back

Draw – Pressureless end draw
Draw – Too much lay-back

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