Rowing dictionary – H

Hammer (rower)

A rower known more for their powerful pulling rather than technical rowing proficiency.

Hand height finish

The height at which the handle(s) is/are brought toward the chest. Also see: Practice finish hand height.


A handicap enables the possibility to have a fair race between rowers of different age and/or gender as well as different boats. Based on statistical data a handicap factor can be calculated that corrects the rowed time for age, gender and boat. Calculator: Boat handicap correction.

Handle simulator

Tool to train a correct sculling hand position. Main article: Handle simulator.


The part of the oar that the rowers hold and pull with during the stroke.

Handles apart

Mistake where the sculling handles are held too far apart vertically. Main article: Handles apart.

Hands away

At the close of the drive phase, the hands move away from the body.

Hands placed incorrect

Rowing mistake on a sweep oar where the oar not held properly.

Hatchet blade

Modern oar blades that have a more rectangular hatchet-shape and which are not symmetrical.

Head Race

Race in which crews are timed over a set distance. Usually run as a processional race rather than side by side. Other types are the: Bumps race and the: Side-by-side race.

Heart rate reserve

The heart rate reserve is the maximum heart rate minus your resting heart rate. Main article: Calculation heart rate reserve.


Rowing competitions prior to the final to determine which teams are the strongest and thus earn a spot in the final.

Heavyweight (rower)

A rower who weighs more than the limit for lightweight rowing. Often referred to as Open weight.

Heel depth

Rigging element: the distance from the deepest point in the shoe or flexheel to the deepest point at the front of the seat. Main article: Heel depth.

Heel restraints

Attached to the heels of the shoes/heelflex and to the foot plate. Compulsory safety feature that helps the rower to release their feet from the shoe in the event of a capsize.


Plastic fixture that encloses the rowers shoes, so that he can wear its own shoes in the boat. It is mounted to the Foot stretcher.


Measurement of distance from seat to point of work at the centre of the bottom edge of the oarlock.

Hot seating

When two crews share the same shell, during a regatta, sometimes it is necessary for the crews to switch at the finish line without taking the boat from the water.


American supplier of boats.


The actual body of the shell.

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