rowing mistakes

Scull – Handles apart

Mistake: The handles are held too far above each other, causing the boat to roll. The left handle is placed above the right handle and/or the right handle is no closer to the body than the left. Also see: Hands.
Observe: Hands: look at both hands during both the draw and the recovery and note that there is plenty of space between them and that they are not touching each other (as should).
Cause: Wrong mental image of the (ideal) stroke, or fear of scratching open hands. nonchalance.
Boat is skewed and not level.
The rower must keep the handles at the same height at the catch and the finish. The left handle is further from the body than the right one and so the handles placed diagonally below each other. Ask the rower to feel the hands touching on both the draw and recovery: “Can you feel the palm of your left hand touch the knuckles of your right hand?”
Visually by looking at the handles. Tactile by feel the hands touch each other briefly.

Scull - Incorrect hand position
Scull – Right handle to the hip

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