Rowing rigging

Heel depth

Concept: The distance from the deepest point in the shoe or heel flex to the deepest point at the front of the seat.
Sizes: Measured in centimeters: 15cm–20cm
+ Brings the knees more easily down, lengthening draw
The kick is used more effectively to propel the boat

Measure: This distance is measured in two steps. Measurement 1: place a batten on both gunwales and measure from the deepest point in the shoe to the bottom of the batten. Measurement 2: then measure the height between between the bottom of this batten and the lowest point at the front of the seat, when the seat is as close to the foot stretcher as possible. Subtract the second measurement from the first and get the heel depth. 

foot high
The foot stretcher can be adjusted in height.

Adjust: Loosen the (wing)nuts that secure the adjustment plate to the foot stretcher and move the adjustment plate higher or lower. Tighten the (wing)nuts again.

Foot stretcher angle
Slide length

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