Rowing dictionary – I


The length of the oar shaft from the end of the handle to the collar at the point where it will sit against the oarlock. Main article: Inboard handle.

Inboard handle

Rigging element: the part of the oar which runs from the handle up to the oarlock. Main article: Inboard handle.

Incorrect oarlock height

Mistake, whereby the height of the oarlock / oarlocks of the rower is/are not set correctly. Main article: Incorrect oarlock height.

Increasing pressure piece

Conditional exercise in which the pressure and stroke rate is increasing. Main article: Increasing pressure piece.

inner hand

The sweep (with one oar) rower's hand nearest the oarlock. This is the feathering hand. Also see: outer hand.


Fourth and final step in correcting rowing mistakes, where the mistake is actually corrected. Main article: Intervene.

Italian rigged

See: Bucket rigged.

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