Tool – handle simulator

Practice: Rotate the handle just like in the boat, to learn how to put your hand on the handle. Insert the handle on the other side into the oarlock and do the same with the other hand.
Purpose: Learn to keep the hands well positioned on the scull handles.
Type: Motor tool.
Focus: Note that the palm of the handle does not touch the handle and that the handle is held between fingers and upper hand.

The handle simulator

To make: The photo above actually speaks for itself. Use an old or broken oar and cut it cleanly. Glue a sleeve on it as close to the handle as possible and place a collar, just like with a regular oar. Make a wooden construction as shown in the photo or fasten three plywood planks together in a U-shape with screws. Attach an old oarlock and oarlock pin to the wooden construction.

Wait for the video...
Using a handle simulator, showing the wrong (X) and the right way (V).

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