Training tool – Rowing bin

A rowing bin can be used to help rowers with the interaction between blade and water: the water work. In addition, training sessions can be done in it. Because the coach can sit right next to the rower, motion guidance can be used - as with ergometers. To prevent the oar from rowing too heavily, shortened oars and/or oars with holes are often used.

Stacking bin

The stacking bin is the simplest rowing bin. It consists of a wooden frame that is placed on the pontoon and secured into the pontoon with latching pins. These bins are usually only suitable for sweep oars, but there are also scull bins.

Floating bin

The flotation bin is a wooden or aluminium container that floats on the water. To ensure that the surface area is large enough, but that the bin is still low enough to have a proper oarlock height, ballast is used.

The rowing tank

The (indoor) rowing tank is a bin that is placed in a water tank inside a building. The great advantage is, that it can be used independently of the weather. A disadvantage is the high cost.

Means – Rowing machine
Tools – Balancing board

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