Tool – Speed tube

Practice: The speed tube can be used on all non-coxed boats and the boats in which the coxswain is in the front. With crew boats, the tube is only visible for the stroke. The tube gives a water fountain: the higher this fountain, the faster the boat.
Type: Cybernetic tool.
Purpose: Get visual feedback of the speed fluctuations during the draw and recovery. During the catch, the fountain collapses, this should last as short as possible. During the draw, the fountain has to climb higher and higher towards the finish. During recovery, the fountain should descend as slowly as possible.
Focus: Pay attention to the height of the fountain.

Materials for the speed tube.

The speed tube mounted on the boat.

To make: Use two clear tubes. A long tube: 8mm outer and 6mm inner diameter of 25cm long and a short tube: 6mm outer and 4mm inner diameter of 2.5cm long. Glue the short tube with waterproof glue in the long tube. Secure the tube with duct tape under the stern of the boat. The short tube should protrude above the canvas. The narrower inner tube allows the fountain to spray higher and respond better to speed fluctuations.

Wait for the video...
The speed tube in use.

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