Draw – Practice pressure build-up

Practice: Set the Rowing machine display to force curve and set the drag slider to its lightest position (down or 1 on the scale). Row with a full stroke and make sure that the pressure curve goes up as steep as possible at the beginning. The exercise consists of the following steps, only when one step succeeds well, the next step is taken.
Step 1: Row with a full stroke and make sure the pressure curve rises as steeply as possible at the beginning (at the left axis). This can be seen in the following picture.
Force curve
Force curve
Step 2: Do the same with a Pimenov stroke.
Step 3: Do the same with a Pimenov stroke  alternating with a (hard) full stroke.
Type: Stepwise Cybernetic exercise developed by Jeroen Brinkman.
Purpose: Build up pressure faster after the catch by pushing the legs with speed and not with force.
Focus: Feel the moment when the legs experience resistance and put this as early in the draw as possible.

Draw – Practice draw sequence
Draw – Trunk only rowing

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